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No Dilation Eye Exams Now Available

Do you LOVE when your eyes are dilated and your whole day is difficult and blurry?

Neither do we.

We are proud to introduce the latest cutting-edge technology in retinal imaging, the Optomap!

This new device takes a quick scan of your eye (we're talking speeds like the flash of a camera) delivering an image that sees FAR more of your retina than ever before without dilation!


The Optomap makes it easier to accurately detect threatening conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

You'll see a picture of your retina immediately following the scan.

Great for Kids

The Optos can greatly ease the stress of an eye exam for young kids, and helps to shorten exam time. (While this doesn't skip child dilation, it does aid in clear diagnosis of brain/eye development)

TAKE ADVANTAGE of your end of the year health benefits!

Enjoy our NEW glasses pricing when you schedule an appointment in 2020.

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No Dilation Eye Exams Now Available
No Dilation Eye Exams Now Available Do you LOVE when your eyes are dilated and your whole day is difficult and blurry?...
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